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Hydraulic Hose Crimper,Hose Crimping Machine JHFY-330 for 1/4--2.5inch

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Hydraulic Hose Swager JHFY-330 for 1/4--2.5inch

1. JHFY-330 Hydraulic Hose Swager selecting imported gear pump (made in Germany), the dual-class crimping conversion not only satisfy the demand of die large opening to 38mm,but also meet the hose with 2 inch 6braid crimper force demand.
2. This machine successfully imported military technology from Former Soviet Union ——“Lake-tech” for finishing machining of the metal surface. The Lake-tech greatly increase the hardness and finish of friction surface and slip surface, it reached to aeronautical and astronautical standards. It is prolong the life of machine. 
Technical data:

Crimping range (mm/inch)

12-73mm/ 1/4--2.5inch

Max hose ID (mm/inch)

51mm 6sp/ 2.5inch 4sp

Crimping force (T)


Full crimping circle (seconds)


Die opening and closing (mm)


Systematic pressure (Mpa)


Displacement of oil pump


Accuracy (mm)


Motor (KW)


Voltage (V)


Dies for the machine


Weight (Kg)


Volume (mm)


1. Specification and configuration is customizable, please freely discuss with our company
2. Above pictures and data are just for reference, and every point is subject to the real machine because the machine is continually been improved. If any point you care about, please freely confirm it with our company
About price quotation, if you tell us the destination sea port at your country, we will quote a price including the sea freight fee to your port, then you can get the machine directly from the port at your country, which is very convenient for you. Otherwise, we will usually quote the FOB price. Please freely contact us for more details  
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